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DoRe Ranch and Rescue

501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization

We are a small, medium and large farm animal rescue.  We also are active in our community with TNR efforts, cat rescue and cat adoption.  We are located in Kershaw County, South Carolina.

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Intake Status as of May 5, 2024:
Pet/Indoor Cats - CLOSED
Barn/Feral Cats - CLOSED
Farm Animals - OPEN

About Our Rescue


Small, Medium, and Large Farm Animal Rescue

We started with Thelma and Louise, who were our first rescue donkeys.  We then rescued two more donkeys, M'Lynn and Shelby.  Then we rescued a Scottish Highland steer, Donald.  Three months after rescuing Thelma, she surprised us with a jenny foal, Happy.  

We have plans on putting in paddocks for more farm animal rescues (goats, pigs, sheep, etc).


TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return)

TNR is the process of humanely trapping feral/stray cats and kittens, then having the cat/kitten neutered/spayed, ear tipped, vaccinated and returned to the location they were trapped.


Cat Rescue and Cat Adoption

We rescue cats and kittens from shelter euthanasia lists.  After their acclimation period cats that are proven to be friendly will be adopted to pet homes, while those that remain feral/semi feral will be adopted to barn homes.

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